I think it's really great that we have someone local that you can trust, that knows what they're talking about. They're the only ones we're going to, they're the only ones for us.

— Jess and Jep Robertson

To have a jeweler like Newt who knows you, knows what you like, who takes care of those times you're in a bind... it's like concierge jewelry. I get a call from him when he gets something in he thinks my wife would like and he knows an occasion's coming up. That's really cool.”

— Blake Wheelis


My first experience with Trinity was 5 years ago. I got a 20th anniversary ring for my wife. My wife loved it. I loved it. There's no comparison really.”

— Andy Theriot

He [Newt] was extremely courteous, and I trusted him right off the bat. The ring ended up being a very beautiful ring, and he made my mother-in-law's old diamond shine like new. I was so pleased with it, and I would certainly use Newt to design any jewelry for me. I recommend him highly!”

— Barbara Knight


It was a great experience. I told him what I was looking for and my price range. We shopped the other local jewelry stores in our area... when we came to Newt, it was about an $8000 difference in price. It was a great experience overall.”

— Dustin and Alli Brister

It's very difficult to find time to shop for a diamond in this area. So you either go online or you find someone you can trust. In my experience, this has panned out well working with Trinity. I made a phone call, told them what I needed, and I got it the next day. It makes my life much more easier.”

— James Breaux


We had a diamond in particular we wanted, and we had a good friend of ours recommend Newt at Trinity Diamonds and he's been absolutely wonderful to deal with. It made the process very easy.”

— Marshall and Jodie Sanson